Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth: Blog en-us (C) Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth [email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Thu, 23 Feb 2023 17:06:00 GMT Thu, 23 Feb 2023 17:06:00 GMT Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth: Blog 120 80 Airfield Falls-Trinity Trails Senior Pictures: Ariana

This sweet Arlington family met me at Airfield Falls--  one of my most personal favorite parks!  I always ask-- "HAVE YOU BEEN HERE BEFORE?" Because 9.5/10 times, they have not.  Most people don't even know the park exists because it's tucked away between a stunning neighborhood, by the airfield and it has this magnificent waterfall!  It's GREAT to explore with kids, pet-friendly and we take all kinds of pictures and I PROMISE---  you'll be a little jaw-dropped that you didn't know it was here!  

Anyways, cue my sesh with Ariana!  She was so easy-going, was down to try anything during her session and her parents brought her beloved dog!!  (Side note: I am VERY pet-friendly!  I adopted to mutts 11 and 15 years ago, and I like to think I'm a dog whisperer!)  We got our feet wet (in the seriously cold water right now), but the sun was PERFECT!  We got that stunning rim light around her sweet face, and we got some NOTHING-SHORT-OF-MAGICAL shots!  I hope you enjoy a quick "tour" of Airfield Falls (oh, and please go there some day!)....   ~KS       >>>>>>  CHECK OUT HER PROMO VIDEO:


Airfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography   Airfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography Airfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography


Airfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth  with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography

Airfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography    Airfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography Airfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography Airfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark PhotographyAirfield Falls Senior Pictures in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography



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Downtown Fort Worth Senior Session: Corey Kelly Stark Photography, Fort Worth PhotographerKelly Stark PhotographyKelly Stark Photography

I'm doing something new--  blogging about my sessions!  So many times I try to give location and session details, so now I have a gallery to direct clients to for ideas!  Hope you enjoy my work and my beautiful Senior Sessions!

Another fabulous Downtown Fort Worth Session with my new friend, Corey!  Soft spoken, best smile on the planet and he is pretty much a model in the making!  I had the best time with his mom and grandmother strolling around downtown and grabbing photos all over the city.  With some of my favorite spots, excellent light and few people to Photoshop out of pictures ;)  We got some magnificent photos, and isn't Downtown Fort Worth one of the BEST stops for Senior Pictures?

I've been at Senior pictures non-stop for 3 weeks!  I LOVE it!!  I love the February thru May months when I know my schedule is packed full of #Seniors!  Whether my seniors have a plan for exactly what they want to see in their pictures or if they let me just do my creative "thing," I've had a blast traveling all over #DFW!  Check out some of my favs...


    Downtown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyDowntown Fort Worth Senior PicturesDowntown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography      Downtown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyDowntown Fort Worth Senior picturesDowntown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography   Downtown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyDowntown Fort Worth Senior PicturesDowntown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography           Downtown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyDowntown Fort Worth Senior PicturesDowntown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography        Downtown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark PhotographyDowntown Fort Worth Senior PicturesDowntown Fort Worth Senior Pictures with Kelly Stark Photography

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#TheFrontStepsProject -- Celebrating Families during CoronaVirus We are inundated with COVID-19 news.  All day. On social media. In our circles.  In our homes.


Some say it's the worst thing they've ever seen.  Some say it's a profound gift to bring us all back home.  To reset.  I think it has been challenging; but ultimately, it has changed my appreciation for the conveniences of our lives as well as my need to interact with people. 



What I know is this has been a huge test.  A test of patience.  Of kindness.  Of safety. Of communication (or lack thereof).  Of isolation. Of coming together remotely. 

When I heard of #TheFrontDoorProject, I thought what a great way to document all that has been going on. As a photographer, we wait until all family members are free of schedules and distractions to find that one date we can make it work.

Well, now more than ever--  we are "making it work."

I wanted to offer my clients a free Front Door Project Memory. I have 2 littles at home, but I have some time to sneak away this week.  If you are interested, message me your address and I'll see if I can make it work.  Instead of paying for this, all I ask is--  make a donation to Tarrant Area Food Bank for those whonreally need the help:


#KellyStarkPhotography #TheFrontDoorProject #FortWorthFamily #FortWorthPhotographer #FortWorth #CoronaVirus #Covid19



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Kelly Stark Photography: Flower Mound Senior Pictures This charming lady is graduating early, and I was so honored to be their pick as their Senior Pictures Photographer! 

I knew the PERFECT place for Senior Pictures in Flower Mound simply because I frequent this gorgeous area often! It changes every single time I come back to visit, and I'm so excited to see the final product after the construction and growth.  I can't tell you how much I love the coloring in this area-- the blues, the golds, the yellows, the stonework, the water, the new chapel, etc!  You can see from the pictures-- it's a gorgeous place to take pictures of a gorgeous lady!

I'll be officially kicking off my Senior Picture Sessions next month for 2020 Seniors!  I'm going to be holding 4 per month up until the end of April!  So, sign up and secure your spot!  I CANNOT WAIT to talk locations, themes and so much more!!  Start those #Pinterest boards for your Senior Pictures, Flower Mound and Fort Worth!


If you want to pre-book a Senior Session with Kelly Stark Photography, call or text (979) 218-7921

#FlowerMound #FlowerMoundphotographer #FortWorthPhotographer #KellyStarkPhotography #FortWorthSeniorPictures #SeniorPictures 

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Fort Worth Model Head Shot Session I have longed for creative freedom in my photography.  It goes without saying that I LOVE portraits and all of my photography work, but I rarely have time to hop in studio and manipulate lighting and backdrops and work poses, models, etc.  So, when my new Sigma 135mm showed up, I needed to take some time to work the lens. 

I have the awesome-ist neighbor, aspiring model, tv actress, model lady in my neighborhood, and I knew she'd help me get some BEAUTIFUL photos!

I hate to always be right---  but right again!  Check out Jaz and look for her "up-and-coming" modeling career in the future!

XO Kelly

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Checklist for a Photography Session The BIG SESSION is coming soon!


I suggest taking a deep breath and relax!  We've got you covered!

For my consultations before my session, I always share my "checklist" for a successful photo session with Kelly Stark Photography!  Have no fear--  I was a girl scout and I normally come prepared.  But, there are a few things you can bring that might help take the pressure of you (and your family) to be prepared and enjoy the session even MORE than expected!


Photography Session ChecklistPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, TexasPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, Texas Photography Session ChecklistPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, TexasPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, Texas Photography Session ChecklistPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, TexasPhotography Session Checklist with Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth, Texas

Checklist for A Photography Session:

  1. Hair brush or hair spray in case you need to tame the mane
  2. Touch up make up (if needed)
  3. Water--  you'll be smiling a lot and your mouth needs hydration after all the smiles and laughing!
  4. Contacts/Glasses:  A lot of people have their sunglasses on from driving to a session--  take them off unless you normally wear them!  Also, if you wear glasses every day--  bring them.  There can sometimes be glare due to the time of day a session take place, but I try to angle your face so you won't see that glare in your images.  If you can take off the glasses and still see, you might consider leaving them at home or taking them off a few times during the session. When in doubt, wear contacts!
  5. Washcloth or rag to touch up any sweat on your face during the "comfortable" Texas heat.  Sorry, I try to book the best temps of the day!
  6. Wardrobe:  Wear what you feel amazing in! Your photos will be better because you are comfortable and the best version of YOU!
  7. Shoes: If you are wearing heels for the session, bring flats or comfortable shoes incase we have to walk on uneven ground or walk a bit from location to location
  8. Bug Spray: You never know when mosquitos will be out.  I suggest applying right before the session starts so it lasts (and spray your guests, too!)
  9. No cell phones:  Save the selfies and pictures for ME!  I PROMISE to take the most flattering, beautiful images of you and your family that puts any cell phone to shame!  (Even the #Iphone11, I promise!)  Enjoy the experience with me---  cell phone can actually create shadows with flash that can be seen in my created images!
  10. KIDS:  If you have kids (or even husbands) attending a session, give them snacks!  Feed them before and make sure you take a good bathroom break before the session!  But, bring snacks for the littles!  It helps with keep them happy and bribery goes a LONG way!  
  11. Bring the lovey!  Do you have a favorite stuffed animal for your child that is guaranteed to make them smile!  Bring Mr. Snuggles with you!  Not only is Kelly Stark absolutely hilarious and I speak "child," but Mr. Snuggles might help make the big scary camera seen a little less intimidating!
  12. Change of clothes for after the session:  I can't guarantee a rainless, dirtless session.  I try!  But if a session includes a seated session on a blanket or on natural ground, you might have dirt, leaves, bugs or remnants of our fun session on your clothes.  Most adults are fine afterwards, but kids can get a little antsy with stuff on their outfits! 

I think that covers it!  Don't worry about practicing your model face before a session.  I like natural, happy people in front of my lens.  Heck, I'll even take a serious face if you let me.  Just come to a session celebrating where you are in life and who you are with.  That's really all that matters, right?

For more information, call Kelly Stark (979) 218-7921 or text me!

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Why Not To Use a Selfie for a Headshot Let me give you a little background about me:

I have been contracting marketing work since 1999 for every type of industry imaginable.  From industries like data analysis, engineering firms, designers, roofing companies, Farmers & agriculture businesses, international writers, insurance, real estate-- I've worked my way through most businesses!  I started my own marketing company, officially, in 2012, learning everything I could about marketing, website development, SEO, Google and I still read about what's new in social media, marketing and beyond.

The one thing I have learned in my many years of #marketing & photography is that companies want someone serious.  Serious about their job--  serious about themselves. 

Recently, I have been shooting unbelievable amounts of corporate headshots around Fort Worth.

Do you know the one thing I hear almost every session--  "I'm up for a promotion or a position became available, so I need to get a professional headshot."

What this tells me is upward movement is possible when someone has a professional picture of themselves.  Are people getting overlooked with the proverbial "selfie?"  Yes..  what looks clear and crisp on your cell phone doesn't always translate well to social media or other marketing material. 

Headshots are high resolution images that most phones can't provide, and they tell a story about you without using words.  You can tell a lot about someone by their smile, their eyes, their body language and that all gets communicated through your headshot!  I try to create a setting that's comfortable to give me your best, most approachable version of you.  This all comes alive in your pictures!

I provide a lot of consultations on resume editing and headshots, and I can tell you the profiles that have a professional headshot (even without substantial work experience) will get a look over every time compared to someone with extreme credibility and experience with a "selfie."  Every. Time.


A few things you need to know: 

All Headshots are not created equal.

Your industry gives me a lot of insight about the style of headshot your business warrants.

A Corporate headshot on an office wall gallery is not the same headshot used in #LinkedIn or #Facebook.  All different social media platforms require different types of headshots based upon the audience.  


The Wardrobe:

"Dark" is classic, but it's dated.  In every consult I have before a headshot, we discuss wardrobe and the fears surrounding, "WHAT TO WEAR!"

First, wear what you are comfortable in!  If you wear something too tight, you'll get bulges in your pictures.  You won't feel comfortable, so you won't look comfortable!

For women, my best suggestion is something v-neck to elongate your upper body and I love the way jewel tones look in photos.  I can change the background in Photoshop to any possible color you prefer, so GO BOLD!  With my shading and editing, bold colors make you look 3D and pop off the page.  Your photo becomes memorable.

For men, the times are changing--  what once was the navy or black suit and tie is now more relaxed and casual-- to a point.  A professional studio headshot should always call for a collared shirt, tie (if applicable) and bring a coat for some variance.  BUT, it's becoming more common for men to wear slacks or jeans, a buttoned top with no coat in an outdoor setting to look more approachable, friendly and engaging.  A 180 from the stuffy suite tie and white background we're used to!  Gentlemen now take pictures with their office surroundings, outside their buildings or around architecturally inspiring buildings.


I try to give my clients a variation of photos to use throughout different media platforms.  If you are marketing to clients, the typical studio headshot isn't going to make them see your personality.  These types of shots are reserved for outdoor photography, less posed images and bright, engaging colors to get your clients interested!  

If you are looking for more help on your business exposure, headshots or help with your marketing, I'm your girl!  Text or call (979) 218-7921 or email [email protected].


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Serena's Senior Session at Kimball Art Museum One reason that I LOVE Senior Pictures:  Courage!

Courage means so many things to me during these sessions. 

First, you have a graduating senior who is stepping out into the world on their own for the first time; for some.  They spend countless hours studying, learning, participating and growing...  that takes a lot of courage to be yourself!

Then, I'm putting these graduating Seniors on the spot during their session--  smile, move, be yourself!  

This particular Senior session was a bunch of fun!  She was quiet, reserved and she said she didn't know what to do with herself.  Well, unbeknownst to me, half way through this session: THIS MODEL APPEARED! 

The moves, the looks, the faces, the poses--  I thought, "I hit the jackpot!"  

We were able to get SO MANY BEAUTIFUL pictures last Sunday, and I was so thankful to share in this courageous Seniors memories!  

Congratulations, Serena!  You are smart and beautiful and charming and so many more things that I learned within the short time I was with you!  Have a blessed future, and I'm so excited to hear about the great things you do.....

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Mother's Day Special in Fort Worth Looking for a great surprise that goes beyond flowers and homemade art projects this year?

Be the stellar Husband, Son or Daughter this year with a Mother's Day Photography Session!

Mother's Day Gift in Fort Worth, Texas with Kelly Stark PhotographyMother's Day Gift in Fort Worth, Texas with Kelly Stark PhotographyMother's Day Gift in Fort Worth, Texas with Kelly Stark Photography

Kelly Stark Photography is offering a limited 7 Mother's Day sessions:

$100 session, 20 minutes, 10 edited images if booked by May 10th, 2018!


Interested in booking:  Select "Mother's Day Special" on her booking site for this great $100 session!

Less calories than chocolate or candy, and it's a git that lasts forever!  Why WOULDN'T You buy this for her?

Call Kelly (979) 218-7921 for questions or booking!!

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Headshots in Fort Worth | Fort Worth Photographer Kelly Stark Photography has booked more headshots than any other type of session over the past month.  Is it Headshot season??  YOU BET!!  

headshot fort worth texas Kelly Stark PhotographyHeadshot with Kelly Stark Photography in Fort WorthHeadshot with Kelly Stark Photography in Fort Worth Headshot with Kelly Stark Photography Fort WorthHeadshot with Kelly Stark Photography in Fort WorthHeadshot with Kelly Stark Photography in Fort Worth

Headshots no longer require a studio, crossed "power arms," a suit & tie with a boring backdrop!  In fact, headshots are industry specific and gain exposure with the ability to interpret your "creativity" through your photo!  Sounds complicated, right?

It's time to trade in those outdated headshots for something more modern---  more industry-specific!!

Most clients of mine are surprised to find out that I actually own a Fort Worth marketing consulting company, and I give my clients a lot of insight about industry-specific backdrops, certain angles we use and how to integrate your headshots we take into their social media and profiles.  

I give my clients a good amount if images, and I strategically explain how to use different headshots throughout social media, LinkedIn and on their website!  I am the go-to Fort Worth Headshot Photographer because I provide a necessary experience for those on the job hunt, looking to connect with clients and owners looking to make a statement in their industry.

$80/ 15 minutes/ 5 images+/private gallery/completed in a few days (no more than a week)-- best deal around! 

To view some of my headshot work, check out:

All of this great knowledge plus a great price--  I get the rush to get a headshot in Fort Worth with Kelly Stark Photography!

For more:  Call or text (979) 218-7921 or book today:

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Meet Kelly Stark: Published by VoyageDallas Magazine I was so excited when I got the message that VoyageDallas wanted to interview me for my photography business in #DFW!

After a brief interview about my photography style, my background and my vision, today was the big day they decided to publish my interview!

A HUGE Thanks for VoyageDallas for being a voice for DFW artists and photographers, and I really feel honored that you thought my work was something to write about!  Truly humbled!

Read more:







[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) dfw photographer fort worth photographer kelly stark photography meet kelly stark metroplex photographer photography voyagedallas magazine Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:19:35 GMT
First Shot  



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Last 4 spots for Holiday images!! Moving from #Lubbock, there was an obvious lack of trees and foliage, but we had an abundance of plains, cotton and a couple of green parks.  Moving to Fort Worth has given me the opportunity to discover some gorgeous areas around Fort Worth, Dallas and Lantana/Corinth that are prime locations for photography backdrops!  I am so in love with the golden trees, the bridges, lakes and rock beds everywhere!  

We have essentially 1 month left for photography before we get into cold weather.  I'll be working in a rented studio this winter, so check on my for some FREE photography opportunities as I work through my studio work!

#Holiday photos are in full swing, and I have 4 spots left for the year:

November 19th @ 6 and 630pm
Sun Nov 26th 630pm 
Sun Dec 3rd @ 6pm

I can't believe we're already closing 2017!  I am so so so thankful to all my Dallas/Fort Worth clients who took a chance on the photographer newly moved to Fort Worth to let me capture your special family moments.  I can't tell you how much that means to me! 

I've had more referrals than I EVER have before, and that is so incredibly humbling!  I am really looking forward to 2018 and working a little more in the studio, working on my photography mentoring and challenging myself to become a stronger photographer!

Also, I made the decision to purchase a new camera next year.  It's just time to update my photography hardware, so I'm crazy excited about a "new body" (lol).  

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Fort Worth Family Portraits and Photography Session-- Booking Mini Sessions Looking to book your holiday card pictures or capture that gorgeous Fall Family portrait?

Kelly Stark Photography is booking the last few spaces available through November 27th to ensure you get your pictures in time for printing!

I am offering 2 simple options: $85 Mini Sessions for 20 minutes including 8-10 edited images or a 50 minute Session for $150 including 12-15 edited images.

This year, we're keeping it traditional--  blankets, "JOY" letters, "Santa envelopes" and a few other surprises! 

If you have a theme or an idea, as always, props welcome!

Call or text me to book the spaces left!   (979) 218-7921 or email me:  [email protected]

#dfw #ftworth #fortworthphotographer

Also, tag and share from my Facebook page:

If you refer someone and they book a 50 minute session, you get $20 off your session!

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Kelly Stark Child Wedding Dress Mini Sessions I was interested in those adorable "mini bride" sessions where little girls wear their Mom's wedding dress, veil, jewelry for my own daughter; just to personally have these memories.  I explained to my three year-old daughter that I needed her help taking pictures in Mommy's wedding dress, so I asked if she's be my "princess" so I could take pictures.  She heard "Princess" and yelled, "YES!!!  But I want to look like Elsa."

I didn't realize the "experience" I was about to create.  I went through the back of my closet and found the shoes I wore on my wedding day.  I pulled out my wedding day jewelry.  I was telling her about my really pretty dress I wore when I married her Daddy.  I told her little stories about how Mommy was nervous, and how Grandma and Aunt Lindsay helped Mommy get ready on her big day.  I got to replay all those memories in my own head of that beautiful day, but I got to witness the magic in my own daughters eyes as I described my dress, as she saw my sparkly necklace and put it on and the second she put my wedding dress on--  the AMAZEMENT ... the "WOOOOOOW MOMMA!!" that happened.   (I could tear up just thinking about her face at that moment!!)

My husband stopped by the park we were at, and snapped a billion pictures.  He said it was crazy to see our little girl all dressed up as a bride!  He kissed me and told me she looked as pretty as her Mom on our wedding day.  She was beautiful.  My baby-- In the dress that made me commit to forever in the first place.  

I decided to hold these sessions, but I needed some "marketing material" so I posted on Buy/Sell/Trade.  I had this OVERWHELMING response from women who wanted to memorialize this moment just as I did with my little one.  I wanted all of these Mommies to experience this beautiful moment for themselves. 

So, if the numbers pan out, I would have 50+ women who want to book this session. I want to make sure EACH of you get the experience of this session. So, I'm going to find time to book all of you.  I'm going to add 2 sessions in August, 3 in September and 3 more in October.  If anyone has a flexible schedule, I can meet during the week or in between my already booked appointments.

I didn't realize what an affect this would have on me.  This was more than just "taking pictures."

So, if you can be patient..  I'll get you and all your kids booked for this session!  I'm so so so honored to share this with you, and I'm so lucky to have the response that I did when I decided to set this up! 

Looking forward to working with you and your little girls!!!!!!



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The Portrait of a Family One of our best friends sent my husband and me a text saying, "Read this..  it's 5 minutes."

At first, I wasn't able to access the link, so I told myself I'll come back to it.  ..... Let me back up...

I recently lost a good friend of mine that I somewhat lost touch with over the years.  We ran into each other this past January at a Chikfila restaurant, and we hugged and spoke for a few minutes.  Just "the highlights."  He had a young family, a beautiful wife and a really fitting job working at his church.  He had a really big laugh and he was an overwhelming 6'3'' or more!  He was a really big, kind personality. He was only a year older than me when he had a massive heart attack while traveling to attend his Grandmother's funeral.  There weren't any words available when I read, "Chris passed away yesterday."  I was numb, confused, terribly sad for his family, and completely frozen in time for a few seconds.  I initially thought, "Geez, that could easily have been me."

Fast forward to this text my best guy, Dan, sent us.  It's one thing to get great texts and great laughs from Dan, but then I get reminders like, "Did you read it yet...?"  He's like a spiritual personal assistant.

I logged onto my computer because it's one thing to get a text from Dan, but when you get a "reminder text;" you better read on.

It was about a photographer who spent the year taking pictures of her Mom and Dad as they respectively fought cancer.  There were pictures of hand-holding, laughs, silence, hugs and tears.  It only took about 3-5 minutes to read and watch the video about these lives, but it had me thinking about quite a few things that connected the dots of my life at the moment.

Time is short.  We all say, "How Time Flies..." because it does.  I pray that anyone reading this may never have to go through the pain of losing a parent or someone you love.  But I was touched in the fact that this daughter had the chance to take pictures of the real version of her parents.  It was a gift for her to spend the last year focusing on the really small parts of her parents that she wanted to remember.  Her images are of holding hands that held her when she was little.  They hugged her when she needed comfort.  Or when she needed security from heartache. I find myself taking pictures of hands often because there's something about this unbreakable bond and the intimacy between hands pressed together. Something that says, "I'll hold your hand and guide you through this life walk as I stand by your side."  I mean, isn't this what our hands are supposed to do-- guide, protect, hold and pray?  It's beautiful.

To tie it all up, here's why I love what I do.  I get to meet people in the midst of their lives or whatever "walk" they are on.  I get smiley pictures, I get tears, I get the look for admiration when a Mom holds her new baby, and I get to take shots of elation and tears as a new Dad finds out he's going to be a Dad!  It's a gift to do what I do..  and to meet the amazing people I get to meet.  These "clients" turn into friends--  some even turn into pseudo-family.

The pictures I get to take are ways of locking in time to remember what part of the life walk you are on.  And the simple text from Dan was more than just a "READ THIS."  It's a reminder that we're lucky to have people in our lives who are watching out for our hearts.  For our souls.  That sometimes we need whispers or even bricks to the head to re-adjust our spiritual compass.  I needed to take the time to read this story, but I blew it off.. like so many other times before.  

Dan, we love you.  I am so very thankful for your friendship.  You always wonder if you mean something to someone.  If what you do is good enough.  Let me tell you Dan, you and Des are beacons.  We don't know how we got so lucky with you in our lives!

I'm very thankful for all the friendships and relationships I have built through this small venture in my life called photography.  Many blessings to all of you, and thank you for allowing me to take the Portraits of your Lives.

If you are interested, here is the link: #CBSnews #CBS

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What Color Do We Wear For Our Photography Session? Coordinating colors for photographyCoordinating Colors for Family PortraitsHaving a hard time figuring out what to wear for your photography session? This family mastered complementary colors in this Fall session we did!

The top question after I book a session is:  


My response: "Wear What Makes You Feel 100%"  That's my rule.  Now there are other rules below that I encourage my clients to follow, but feel free to be eccentric.  Go crazy.  Create the photo that YOU want... but I'm here to help incase you have color-phobia!

Rule of Thumb:

1)  Relax

This is supposed to be fun!  I have rarely had a session completely BOMB because everyone wasn't wearing the best hue of blue or red.


2)  The Color Wheel Won't Lie

I stole this from a Russian fashion blogger, Marinelle, and while you have to translate the language, the pictures are incredibly helpful in terms of complementary colors!


3)  Wear Whatever Makes You Feel Great!  

Behind the camera, I can see it on everyone's face if they are comfortable; that includes how they feel in their clothes.  If you feel like a sausage in tight pants or an unflattering shirt... don't wear it.  It WILL come across in your photos and across your face.  If you are shopping for a new outfit, and you REFUSE to buy a larger size just because you REFUSE to wear the size you have worn for the past 6 years (whether it fits or not).... Listen to my words in the back of your mind..

"Buy the bigger size." 


When you feel like a million dollars..  you stand taller, you smile bigger and you glow.  So, get over your hang-up about size.  Just wear what makes you feel pretty.. or handsome.


4)  Prints ARE Ok!

I try to remind clients to have NO MORE than 1 person in print during a session.  Unless you are a print-pairing wizard, stick to one print that complements the color pallette you are trying to achieve.


5)  #Google

If you simply can't figure it out, google a color you would like to use. "Pink photography wardrobe." "Blues and Grays in Photography session." "White and Black for my family portraits." Then select the "images" link on the top to see a bunch of pictures of families who have used your color ideas in their photos.  It's a great way to learn how to mix and match colors you like based on someone else's sessions.


6)  Call Your Girl

I have had majority of my clients text me pictures of their outfits before a session. I'm always available, so just text me and I can give you 2 thumbs up or make a suggestion that might help you pick out your outfits easier.


Don't let "WHAT TO WEAR" hamper the experience of your photo session.  Instead, be thankful you have a special person or family or the ability to be yourself behind the camera for exactly what you are:


See more at

[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Photography Complementary colors What to wear coordinating colors for portraits photography wardrobe colors portrait wardrobe Wed, 29 Mar 2017 18:29:29 GMT
Season of Love It's about that time where I start getting a ton of requests for engagement pictures, bridals and more!  Truly, my favorite sessions tend to be engagement and bridal sessions.  Why?  Well, it's all about the L.O.V.E.  My clients show up kinda nervous, but the second we get shooting--- the smiles, the laughter, and the fun quickly emerges!

I recently moved to Fort Worth, so this was my first session in a new city, and I LOVE that it was an engagement session in the gorgeous Trinity Park area downtown. These two are a super cute couple and were full of smiles the entire time! This lady has a smile and hair to die for!! I can't tell you how jealous I am, so capturing the sun behind her was breathtaking!! With a wedding a few months down the road, I have to say--  I love the excitement of "FOREVER!" 

Being engaged was one of my most favorite times because you just feel so special and so in love! The anticipation of spending your life with this one amazing person you meet for the rest of your life is really intense.  The planning, the people and all the preparation for marriage can be so overwhelming, and I think these sessions are the one time you get to finally relax.  There's no decisions to make about the wedding, there's no stress about making your family and friends happy...  these sessions are just about capturing the whole reason you are getting married in the first place:  Love and Being Together!  


Congrats to Amanda + Brady!  May your forever be all about L.O.V.E!  Thanks for allowing me to have some fun with you guys in the big city!!!  



[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Engagement Fort Worth Ft Worth Photographer family portraits photography Wed, 15 Feb 2017 18:15:37 GMT
Mothers, I salute you! I'm sure everyone has noticed my "Mother's Day Special" everywhere!  Well, there's a good reason---  Mom's are superheroes, plain and simple.  Everyday, if you pay attention, Mom's are growing the world around us!  She's teaching her little boy to be respectful of his elders, the Mom who kisses a bruised knee, or the Momma who takes her kids with her to donate their time for charity.  I decided to offer a really special Mother's Day session for a select 6 Mother's because I wanted to dedicate an hour to the world they have provided us. 

My Mom means everything to me!  As a relatively new Mom, I find myself imitating all the things my Mom did for me:  the bedtime stories, the silly songs she sang and even the cleaners I use.  While it all sounds silly, the smell of laundry and a clean house reminds me of my Mom.  The kisses I get from my daughter means what I'm teaching her will reasonate like it did for me.  After all, this is what Motherhood is about, right?

In my sessions, most people will notice I like capturing the moments of tickles, giggles, head kisses and belly laughs.  It just makes for special moments, and even better pictures!  You can see it for yourself in my galleries.

I have 1 session left to book for the Mother's Day Package for $100 which includes prints!!!  That never happens with any photographer at this price!  It will include an hour session of focusing on Mom, kids, family, love and thankfulness!  Mom will be made to feel like a million bucks! 

If you are interested in honoring your Mother with the best gift you can give her, contact me via email or phone!  I'm also available if you have questions about availability and package questions!


[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Family Gift Love Lubbock May 8th Mommy Mother's Day Gift, Mother's Day, Texas Tech, Thu, 28 Apr 2016 19:22:42 GMT
Early Mother's Day Special with Prints Included! Only 6 Sessions Available! As a Mom, I will let you in on a little secret---  There are only SOOOOOO many massages, bottles of Bath & Body Works or bouquets of flowers a Mom can get on Mother's Day!  While I don't even need a gift, sometimes getting something that MEANS more is better than GETTING anything.  This year, I decided to do a really special Mother's Day Package!  With this said, I can only do a limited number of these sessions; so grab this gift certificate or book a surprise date for that Special Mom quickly!  This deal ends 4/20/16 so book at this rate while you can!

The session includes a beautiful outdoor session for Mom, or Mom and the kids, or Mom and the whole family---  you name it!  This 1-Hour session will be at one location to maximize the number of shots we get. You will get a Dropbox link of all images as well as a high resolution copy AND PRINTS!  Let me stress to you--  AND PRINTS!  I want these pictures to be something Mom looks back on each year and says, "This was the BEST gift you ever gave me---  aside from my beautiful children!"  

This package will include 1- Metallic 8X10 print, 2- Metallic 5X7 prints and 1 Set of Wallets all with Shine Coating.  These pictures alone typically have a $30 price tag alone, but I'm offering you my discount to get this gorgeous jewel-tone prints! 

Do something original this year, and surprise with a really thoughtful gift that she will have to remember the rest of her life!  Will the flowers you get her do that?  If you have questions on availability or questions about the session, email me at [email protected] or call/text me at (979) 218-7921!

You can be husband of the year or Son of the Century--  I can help!

Let's Celebrate Mom together this year, and make her feel as beautiful as we already know she is!


[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Children I love you, Kids Lubbock Mommy Mother's Day Gift Mother's Day, Say It With Pictures, Texas Thank You, Wed, 06 Apr 2016 03:59:33 GMT
Inspiration at the Table You can't help the days when you just feel inspired.  For me, sometimes to a fault, I am easily inspired.  Whether it be from a conversation, something I read or even an image I come across.  I recently read a blog about this lady, in her mid-twenties, who simply writes about her experiences living in new cities.  She has locals take these chaotic images of her in the streets of Bankok, or these submerged pictures of her in the Nile.  WHAAT?!?!?  How did she get so lucky?

A part of me would love to be that girl. 

I seem to be a different version of myself when I travel in that I enjoy the opportunity to absorb---  culture, the sights, the people, the food!  I have been incredibly fortunate to travel the globe; to discover and appreciate the beauty of people. Of places. 

I found myself drawn to this one image this lady had of her "office" which was a cozy diner table fashioned with disheveled tablets overlooking the water.  It didn't matter where she wrote, she was just at peace in the act of writing.  For me, I feel the same way about the images I craft.  And yes, I craft them.  I take pride in angles, in capturing that simple giggle or framing that look of love between a couple or a mom with her kiddo.  Truthfully, I don't know if I would consider myself "crafty."  I try--  I blame Pinterest!  But, I do feel like an artist when I get behind a camera.  I find myself sitting there with my trusty computer; and like an old friend, we laugh and smile at the stories my lens captured for the day. 

Here lately, I have been shooting a lot of maternity sessions, engagements and spring portraits.  It's just that season--  the Season of Love!!  (You know you just sang the chorus of RENT, don't lie).  There is such beauty in people's eyes and glances. 

To me, I know I have successfully crafted a shot when you can write a story from the image.  You can almost write a "Day in the Life of..." story of how these people live.  That's a beautiful thing!

The love, the friendship and the trust in one simple picture makes every second behind the camera worth it.  Your smiles,  Your glances, Your Moments---  they all mean something to me.  And my trusty computer.


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REFERRALS START TODAY! $25 Credit for anyone who refers someone and books any session! I am pretty booked for March, but I do some limited April availability.  I am offering a $25 referral credit to anyone who refers someone who books a session with me over the next 2 weeks!  That's $25 off of any session you choose!  Feel free to contact me via Facebook at or email [email protected].

Looking forward to helping you create these precious memories!

[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Thu, 10 Mar 2016 06:18:15 GMT
The Gift I recently cleaned out our guest room which had really old photo albums and random pictures stuck between college books and wrinkled magazines.  I found myself sitting alone and laughing at funny faces, crazy hairdos and friends that have come and gone.  I could tell you where the pictures were, the circumstances of where we were and why a picture was even taken of that moment.  I sat there just reflecting on photography, the pictures and why it's so important to me.  Without those pictures, I don't know if I'd honestly remember the moments.  I'm 34 and I still have hazy days with the busyness of a kiddo, my business, being a wife, a housekeeper...  just the craziness of life.  So, why are pictures such an important part of life? 

I have been thinking about this for a few days with the transition to my full-time photography business, and I think pictures just bring us back to a place and a time.  I think every picture, no matter how dramatic or simple, that invokes a reaction is incredible---  as long as you have SOME kind of reaction.  I love that being a photographer lets you create art, create words, create memories, create a small screenshot of time that has life.  I love the idea that pictures have a voice, and I love movement in photos which feel like real life exists in that one frame of time. 

I was told that my photography was a "gift" recently.  I said, "Thanks," and just thought it was a nice thing that people said after pictures were delivered.  It wasn't until a few days later while cleaning out a little guest room that I understood what she was saying.  Doing what I love is a "gift" for myself.  But, the idea that my pictures. My photos.  They were seen as a gift by someone else??  You know the saying, "Giving is Better Than Receiving?" Well, the reciprocal measure of giving someone the gift of sharing in their moments is so much more gratifying than anything I could receive in return.  But, I will say the reward I get in delivering special moments that captures a family, smiles and relationships in a single photo is the greatest gift alive. 

I hope my photography can help commemorate a small moment in your life; and the image will tell the story years later when you sit and look back at the years, the reason you had pictures taken as well as the moments that make life uniquely yours. 

[email protected] (Kelly Stark Photography Fort Worth) Lubbock Tech Texas family gift love photographer photos pictures portraits Mon, 25 Jan 2016 05:13:37 GMT